Drama in Supreme Court as lawyer shouts Vande Mataram, ejected out of court


There was a drama in the Supreme Court on Wednesday in court no. 15 when an advocate shouted Vande Mataram.

Court 15 is where the petition of former JNU students is being heard. In their petition, the former students had asked the apex court to issue direction for security of Kanhaiya Kumar.

Justice Chelameshwar ordered the security personnel to take the advocate Rajeev Yadav, who was shouting Vande Mataram, out of the court.

The advocate shouted Vande Mataram while the advocate Prashant Bhushan was making arguments.

On journalists’ presence, Justice Chelameshwar said, “their (journalists) presence is required in the court moe than others as they communicate the information to ordinary public.”

The judge said that if this can happen inside the Supreme Court, what will happen to others.

The lawyer in question has been detained by police. He apologised for his behaviour prompting the judge to say, “Don’t do such kind of things. Remember the oath you took as a lawyer. People have faith in this institution. Protect this institution. Don’t do such things in the interest of future generations.

These are the highlights of the hearing in Supreme Court:

  • Supreme Court restricts the number of journalists inside Patiala House Court. 25 Journalists inside the premises, 5 inside the court room when Kanhaiya Kumar is produced
  • Two JNU teachers or two students will be allowed
  • Apart from that, five policemen, investigating officer and advocates will also be allowed
  • Delhi police to SC: We’ve increased the number of security personnel inside Patiala House court. We’ve also increased security at all entry points. We are also investigating the incident of attacks on journalists and other violence.



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