Drama after mismatch in vote counts in EVM and VVPAT in Hubli-Dharwad Central, EC finally declares BJP’s Jagdish Shettar winner


The Election Commission on Tuesday said that there was a mismatch between actual votes cast and actual votes reflected on the EVMs in this Hubli-Dharwad Central, forcing the poll body to withdraw the result temporarily.

Hubli-Dharwad Central

The BJP’s Jagdish Shettar was being shown leading by more than 20,000 votes when he was announced as the winner. However, following the mismatch in the EVM count and paper trail, the EC had temporarily withdrawn the result. It reportedly showed 207 votes more than the actual number. Later, the EC issued a statement declaring


A statement by the EC said, “If there is difference between EVM count and paper slip count, paper slip count prevails. Winning margin in Hubli Dharwad Constituency is more than 20000 and VVPAT slips counted in polling station no 135 A is only 459. Hence, in accordance with the rule 56 D(b), the returning officer has announced the result after proper and complete verification and counting of the voter slips and declared Jagadish Shettar as the winner.”

The news of the mismatch in the EVM count and the number reflected on VVPAT machine dominated the social media conversation with many casting doubts on the reliability of the voting machines.

The BJP won 104 seats, while the Congress ended up securing 78 seats and the Janata Dal Secular-BSP combine 38 seats. Later, the Congress said that the two independent MLAs had announced their support to it, thereby taking its tally to 80.

The Congress has decided to support the JDS-led government and even staked their claim to form the government on Tuesday. The BJP’s BS Yeddyurappa too met the governor on Tuesday to stake his claim to form the governor. The governor, Vajubhai Vala, who is a BJP veteran and had even vacated his Rajkot seat in 2002, when Narendra Modi needed to win an election after the party made him the Gujarat CM, is yet to take a call.


  1. In many a cases,courts have taken up the cases suo moto.Here also Supreme court should order recounting of vvpat slips in toto if it at all it wants to save our democracy


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