Dr Pankaj Narang’s murder: Delhi police considers action against rumour mongers


Delhi police is considering action against the rumour mongers, who spread concocted stories around the gruesome murder of dentist, Dr Pankaj Narang last Tuesday.

The cops have also begun tracing the identities of those who hurled abuses at the Delhi Police’s DCP-rank officer, Monika Bhardwaj, whose two tweets had helped avert a potential communal flare-up in the national capital.

But, according to police, the personal attacks and abuses directed at IPS officer Monika Bhardwaj was largely the handiwork of a large, faceless mob.

Meanwhile, the police have once again dismissed the rumours surrounding Dr Narang’s tragic death.

“Our investigation has revealed that most of the accused had seen the match and then celebrated. We have already clarified that the match was not the reason for the fight, despite the rumours circulated on social media,” a senior police officer told The Hindu.

Elsewhere, both the ruling AAP and the BJP traded charges over the attempts to give murder a communal colour.

AAP spokesperson Deepak Bajpayee, said, “A criminal has no religion, but BJP members and its supporters have been referring to the religion of the accused in a clear move to communalise the issue. The police had to rush in and justify that this was not a case of communal violence. BJP has tried this tactic several times.”

BJP’s leader of opposition in Delhi assembly. Vijendra Gupta, said, “”This is an emotional issue that AAP is trying to cash upon for political gains. The government has done nothing so far for the family. This is the same government that jumps to criticise the police on every other issue but has not said a word so far.”


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