When Dr Narang’s family member came to expose website’s attempts to communalise the dentist’s murder


No sooner had the brutal murder of Delhi’s Dr Pankaj Narang been reported, the posse of BJP supporters took to twitter to desperately turn the tragic incident into a fight between two communities.

Lies were spread, the murderers’ religious background and their place of origin were manipulated and a fake motive was concocted.

But thanks to the vigilant social media users coupled with the alertness of one IPS officer, Monica Bhardwaj, a DCP rank officer, a potential tragedy was averted.

On Saturday, a member of Dr Narang’s family, Tushar Narang, took to Facebook to express his disgust at a maliciously false report published by a little-known right-wing website The Frustrated Indian which carried a provocative headline, “Kejriwal, Media, Intellectuals- Will you cry for Pankaj Narang too?”

Tushar posted a scathing message in reaction to the website’s report.

He wrote, “A death in the family always hurts, what hurts more is when people use it as political agendas and pit two, already volatile communities against each other. Hold responsible, the people indulged in act, not the whole community. Those who killed him weren’t out to kill Hindus, they were degraded scum who, I am sure wouldn’t have given second thoughts about killing someone belonging to their own religion.
Though we never talked much, you will be missed. Rest in peace.  #‎DrPankajNarangLynched‬”

Faced with public humiliation, the website soon took down its post.

The link to the story resulted in message, “Oops…error 404.”

Tushar wrote appreciating the corrective step taken by the website, “The Frustrated Indian, I am glad, has taken down the article. For those who didn’t read it or know what it was about, they twisted this tragedy into an uglier political and communal issue. Thank you TFI, for taking down the article, spread news bro, not hatred.”


  1. plz tell any BJPs candidate name who was diverting this issues as communal.
    Peoples are raising question on Kejriwal and AAP that immidiate Kejriwal reached to DADRI and made that issues as communalism.
    Actual that issues was also as a criminal attack like this Dr. Narangs.
    What happened in case of Dr. Narang.
    Particular group of people dragged the Dr. Narang outside from his house. And beaten him till he get dead.
    Now what is this ????
    In DADRI some group of people beaten to Akhlak and unfortunately he dead while it was incident not murder.
    But how you (AAP) doing a dirty politics.
    And each and every case u are diverting to RSS and BJP.
    Does Indians are fool that whatever u will serve us and we will digest.

    • Woow! You have only one comment and only one up vote to your credit? This means you created fresh ID to post this comment of yours!

      One has to read and re-read 3-4 times to understand what you want to say (not an issue here). Majority of hate mongers active on Facebook and Twitter are BJP and/or RSS supporters. If you have Facebook or Twitter accounts, you can check for yourself. BJP and RSS members themselves usually do not post hate messages but their supporters do – many time with farzi (fake) ID, like your ones.

    • Indians are not at all fool…we firmly believe sanghis, RSS, is a big peril to Indian society. We have seen corrupt govt like congress, however never seen a hatred and such a divided society full of malice and rumour mongers. Sorry this govt doesn’t deserve next term! I won’t vote again to this govt, who create divide in my country and society.

      • RSS is the only organization which is working for Akhand Bharat, not the poisonous ones like AAP, Congress,leftists and others which is hell bent on dividing the society.

        • RSS is like Hitlers Nazi , spreading hate against other religions. In the end it will meet the same fate as Nazi Gremany and today no nation can survive with communal hate against its own citizens.

    • Dadri was premediated and intensional. You justify killing a person over fake beef consumption was unintensional. It is fanatics like you who are dividing communities and such acts are a great threat to the unity and integrity of the nation.

  2. Hahaha…You two bit janta ka reporter can never even touch the level of what The Frustrated Indian is. TFI is baap of Internet, team of intellectuals, not like you taards without brains.

  3. Go to TFI website. They have again put up article. This miya Rifat is a shame on journalism. Just fooling half brain aaptard with illogical news and gossip.

  4. great soul – rest in peace
    but respect to those in the family to avert from giving a communal – sincere prayers to the deceased family


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