DPS principal thrashed after two students ‘beaten to death’


Bihar experienced quite a horror on Sunday, when two hostel students from DPS Nalanda reportedly died in mysterious circumstances. According to reports, their bodies were discovered from a nearby gorge.

Soon after the news of their deaths spread, the family members of the students arrived at the school and resorted to mob justice.

The students’ relatives alleged that their loved ones had had been beaten to death by the school management after a clash broke out between them and the school management.

They assaulted the school principal before setting the school properties and vehicles on fire.



nalanda 2

Earlier today, a five-year-old girl died in Patna after she remained trapped in a borewell for several hours. She had been pulled out of the borewell alive, and had been taken to the hospital.

{Main photo: courtesy Nai Dunia)


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