Dozens die as boat carrying Syrian refugees sink off Turkish coast


In a grim reminder of the Syrian boy Aylan Kurdi’s death last year, a boat carrying Syrian refugees sank off the Turkish coast.

Early reports suggest that more than 40 people including women and children have drowned in the Aegean Sea after their boat capsized

Up to 40 migrants, including at least 10 babies and young children, are believed to have died, but the authorities say the death toll could be significantly higher.

The vessel was en route to the Greek island of Lesbos when it sank near the resort of Ayvacik.

The Anadolu agency reported that the rescue teams had managed to save 75 passengers.

Some of the survivors have been hospitalised with symptoms of hypothermia, and divers are continuing to search the area.

Britain’s Sky News reported that the boat had hit rocks soon after it left Canakkale, situated about five miles north of Lesbos.

Distressing pictures from the scene showed the bodies of children washed up on a beach ( have decided not to publish these pictures).

The possibility of bad weather possibly causing the boat to sink has been ruled out by experts as temperatures were mild and there was only a light wind.

Police have arrested a Turkish man who is suspected of being the smuggler who organised the fatal journey, the Dogan news agency reported.


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