Don”t be disappointed if I don”t enter politics: Rajinikanth


Tamil superstar Rajinikanth said on Monday that he had no desire to joins politics, but if he did, he would show the door to all “money-minded” people. The actor said he had no political ambition, but was often dragged into political debates despite stressing that he was “neither an influential political leader nor a social activist.”

Rajinikanth “My life is in the hands of God. I’m not sure what he has in store for me. But I’ll always perform the duty that he bestows on me. So, don’t feel disappointed if I don’t enter politics,” he told fans at a gathering here. But if he did join politics, he would ensure that there would be no place for those seeking material gain. “Money-minded people will be shunned. So, I warn you now itself to stay away,” he said.

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