Don’t ‘ignore’ Tamil aspirations: AIADMK tells Centre


AIADMK today warned the Centre that if it continues to “ignore” the regional aspirations and interests of people of Tamil Nadu then it will have dangerous implications.

After heading an AIADMK MPs delegation to President Pranab Mukherjee, AIADMK leader and Lok Sabha Deputy Speaker M Thambidurai thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for helping the Tamil Nadu government come out with an ordinance on the Jallikattu issue but complained that the Centre was “ignoring” the state on a number of issues raised with him and his government.

“One nation, one tax may be good for GST but the concept of one language, one culture is not good for federalism. The Prime Minister talks of cooperative federalism but what is cooperative federalism if you are not able to address our issues.

“We (Tamil Nadu government) have been raising various issues like the Cauvery, Mullaiperiyar, Kachatheevu, Tamil fishermen, Sri Lankan Tamils cause and Jallikattu which symbolises Tamil culture. Tamil culture is also Indian culture. It is a warning to the central government that please don’t step aside the regional aspirations and interests,” he told reporters here.

Recently, for the last one year, the AIADMK MPs have been seeking appointments with the Prime Minister to take up state issues, Thambidurai said.

“We waited for last three days for meeting the Prime Minister but we could not get his appointment. We hope that anytime he may call us,” he said.

Thambidurai said if elected MPs, a Deputy Speaker, are not able to meet the Prime Minister, then it leaves a bad feeling. “The Prime Minister should help us when we come,” he said.

He said since the issue of animals is in the concurrent list of the Constitution, the Tamil Nadu government has been waiting for the Centre to issue an ordinance.

“The earlier UPA government in which DMK was a constituent did not do anything. Even the BJP government did not help us. That is why this ordinance now,” he said.

He said talk of federalism is alright but the Centre should also protect various languages and cultures in the country.

“If the Centre fails, then what will happen. Tamil Nadu is showing that lakhs and lakhs of people are on the streets for protection of Tamil language and culture. The Centre should understand this and resolve issues.

“We are all Indians but at the same time state culture and language should be protected. If one language, one culture is sought to be imposed then it will be dangerous and it will have dangerous implications. All languages are equal,” he said.

Thambidurai said they met the President and gave him a memorendum seeking his intervention for the conduct of Jallikattu.

The AIADMK and the Tamil Nadu government will soon achieve what they wanted. “An ordinance will come soon and Jallikattu will be held in a day or two,” he said.


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