Shocking: Dominos oregano flakes packet has a new live ingredient to offer


A video has emerged on social media, where a customer has discovered live ants inside a packet of oregano. The oregano flakes packet has a branding of the pizza giant Dominos on it.We tried reaching Dominos for their official comment on this matter, however, have not been able to get any reply yet.

This is not the first incident reported from fast food chains across India.

In March this year, a resident of Kolkata and her daughter had discovered a deep-fried lizard tucking into their McDonald’s French fries packet. The mother was a pregnant woman and took ill immediately at the sight of it.

In another incident reported in March 2017, a guest of Cafe Coffee Day, Hawa Mahal, Jaipur, had filmed bugs and coackroaches inside a refrigerator at the counter.

Such incidents are brought to limelight only when reported, however, soon after, business becomes as usual without any stringent action on the food and beverage outlets.



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