Does PM Modi have two PAN numbers, asks Gujarat-based activist


Activists in Gujarat have now begun questioning the alleged discrepancies in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s PAN card details.


Ahmedabad-based RTI activist, Roshan Shah, alleged that the PAN card details reportedly submitted by Modi in 2007 assembly elections as Gujarat chief minister, did not match with what he subsequently submitted in 2012-13.

The PAN card number submitted by Modi in 2007 affidavit was AAHPM8993N, but his 2012-13 affidavit read his PAN card detail as AHHPM8993N.

Although, it appears to be nothing more than case of typo, Shah appeared hell-bent on linking the anomalies to Modi’s competency adding that it reflected very poorly on the prime minister’s attention to detail.

He said, “We must know if he has two PAN cards. And even if it’s a case of typo, you must realise that affidavits are documents submitted on oath and our prime minister says has masters degree and has been a university topper. It poses serious doubt on his competency if he, as chief minister, was unable to fill 3-4 four page documents correctly.

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Shah, a known detractor of Modi, has been spearheading campaign against the prime minister on his educational qualifications and income-related anomalies.


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