Doctor gets chilling threats from wife for getting vaccinated without her, private phone chat during LIVE broadcast goes viral


A video of a Padma Shri award-winning cardiologist facing rebuke from his wife during a LIVE broadcast has gone viral. Dr. KK Aggarwal’s fault was that he had chosen to get himself vaccinated for COVID-19 without his wife.

vaccinated without herIn the video, Dr. Aggarwal, a noted cardiologist from Delhi, was explaining to his viewers (through a LIVE broadcast from inside his car) the precautions that one must undertake while getting vaccinated for COVID-19. It was during the broadcast that his assistant informed him that his wife had rung him up before handing the phone over to him.

Dr Aggarwal’s wife was heard asking agitatedly, “You got yourself vaccinated?” The doctor replied, “I had gone there to find out some information and they insisted that I get vaccinated.”

This appeared to have left his wife enraged as she asked, “How weird are you? Couldn’t you take me along?” The doctor replied, “I will take you on Monday morning.”

But the wife wasn’t convinced as she launched a tirade against her husband, “Why didn’t you inform me and take me along with you? This is not done.” Conscious that his difficult conversation with his wife was going LIVE, the doctor said, “Ok, we will talk later.”

But, the wife was in no mood to be pacified as she said, “This is not done. No, why did you take Prachi and not me.” She then accused her husband of lying as she said, “Don’t lie to me Krishan.” When the doctor reminded her that he was in the midst of a LIVE broadcast, the wife replied with chilling threats, “I will come LIVE now to teach you a lesson.”

The doctor was unable to speak after receiving these threats during his LIVE broadcast as he remained stuck for words for the next 17 seconds.

After the video went viral, Dr. Aggarwal tweeted his statement. He wrote, “I am aware of a video of myself that is doing the rounds and I am glad I provided people with a moment of levity in these tough times, after all laughter is the best medicine.”

He added, “While you may have enjoyed a laugh at my expense, at something which was nothing but my wife’s concern towards my health and safety, I would urge each of you to take the vaccine when you get the chance.”

He continued, “I am happy to learn that this episode educated millions on importance of the vaccine, something that has been my mission as a doctor. I truly believe and I am sure all of you agree that not taking the vaccine is a bigger laughing matter.”

Dr. Aggarwal is the President at Confederation of Medical Associations of Asia and Oceania.


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