None of Allah’s 99 names stand for violence, Narendra Modi


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said that none of Allah’s 99 names stood for violence adding that the diversity was a basic reality of nature and source of richness of a society and it should not be a cause of discord.

Addressing the World Sufi Forum in Delhi, Modi said, “At a time when the dark shadow of violence is becoming longer, you are the noor or the light of hope. This is an assembly of those whose lives itself is a message of peace, tolerance and love.

“When young laughter is silenced by guns on the streets, you are the voice that heals. You have come from different lands and cultures, but you are united by a common faith.”

Modi added, “At a time when the dark shadow of violence is becoming longer, you are the noor or the light of hope. Sufis experience universal message of almighty that perfection in human life is reflected in qualities that are dear to god, that all are creation of god and that if we love god we must also love all his creations.”

Recalling the message of peace of famous sufi saint Bulle Shah, Modi said that ‘in wisdom of Bulleh Shah lord exists in every heart.’

He said, “His values are the need of our times. This is also the reality of nature. We learn this wisdom in perfect balance and harmony that exists in vast diversity of our forests. Sufism is the voice of peace, co-existence, compassion, equality and a call to universal brotherhood.”

Denouncing terrorism, the prime minister said that terrorism uses diverse motivations and causes, ‘none of which can be justified.’

He said, “The global community must be more vigilant to counter forces of darkness with radiant light of human values. The fight against terrorism is not a confrontation against any religion. Terrorists kill and destroy more in their own land and among their own people than they do elsewhere.

“Terrorism is a struggle between the values of humanism and forces of inhumanity. Terrorism is not a conflict to be fought only through military, intelligence and diplomatic means. Diversity is a basic reality of Nature and source of richness of a society; and, it should not be a cause of discord. “


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