Faced with condemnation, Manohar Parrikar refers soldiers’ disability pension to Anomaly Committee


Defence Ministry Manohar Parrikar today said he had referred the representation of the armed forces for a percentage-based system rather than a slab-based one for determining disability pension to the Anomaly Committee of the 7th Central Pay Commission.

The move came following widespread criticism from opposition parties and the military establishment over a letter issued on 30 September, which had introduced a slab-based system, as recommended by the 7th Pay Commission, for determining the disability pension for defence forces.

In a statement, the Defence Ministry said the 7th CPC had recommended a slab-based system for determining the disability pension, which was accepted by the government.

A percentage-based system was followed in the 6th CPC regime for calculating disability pension for defence forces personnel as well as civilians.

“Service Headquarters have represented that the percentage-based system should be continued under the 7th CPC for calculating disability pension for defence services at par with their civilian counterparts.

“The Ministry has referred the representation of the Service Headquarters to the Anomaly Committee of the 7th CPC for consideration,” the statement said.

What the military personnel are upset about is that civilians will continue to be paid pensions according to the earlier “percentage system”, which means that a civilian employee will have higher disability pension than his military counterpart.

(With PTI inputs)


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