Dimple Yadav leaves Aaj Tak journalist speechless with her questions on Kutch gangrapes


Uttar Pradesh is experiencing a multi-cornered fight in the ongoing assembly elections. Both the BJP and BSP have thrown all their might to wrest power from the ruling Samajwadi Party, which is seeking re-election in alliance with the Congress Party.

On Sunday, the third phase of election was conducted covering 12 districts including the state capital Lucknow.

Notable among the star campaigners for the SP are the incumbent chief minister, Akhilesh Yadav and his MP wife, Dimple Yadav.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on several occasions has raised the issue of what he said was deteriorating law and order situation in the state.

Dimple Yadav aaj tak
Dimple Yadav, Akhilesh Yadav and Rahul Kanwal at Lucknow’s River Front

On Sunday, when Akhilesh and his wife made themselves available for a media interview with Aaj Tak channel, they were once again grilled by reporter Rahul Kanwal on the issue of women safety.

While Akhilesh gave example of Delhi, which, according to the couple, had become notorious for alarming rise in rapes, his wife Dimple decided to go jugular at the reporter by reminding how his channel was silent on the gruesome gangrapes in Gujarat, where accused have been the BJP functionaries.

In fact, Dimple’s response took even the channel’s reporter by surprise as he did not envisage an otherwise polite Dimple to pose such penetrating questions.

This is how the conversation went on;

Dimple: You tell me, the Kutch incident (gangrapes). Did you guys publicise it?

Reporter: Absolutely!..Everybody did, we also showed Una incident.

Dimple: No you didn’t! I am not talking about Una. I am talking to you about Kutch, where BJP leader along with seven other leaders ..

Reporter: interrupts..

Dimple: Now you are not listening to me. Don’t be biased. I’m trying to put my point to you right here…In Kutch, 30-35 women were in the captive of BJP leaders. How much coverage did you give to that incident, you tell me now? What prime time space did you allocate to that coverage?

Indian media, particularly TV channels, have often faced criticism for biases in favour of the BJP while covering important news stories. Post May 2014, when Modi became India’s prime minister, channels have had to face plenty of accusations of having mortgaged their freedom to the ruling party for either the fear of reprisals or economic sanctions.

The incident of Gujarat gangrape had come to light after eight persons including local leaders of BJP were arrested in connection with the gangrape of the victim at Naliya town in Kutch district.

In her FIR, the 24-year-old woman alleged that she was raped by at least nine persons on different occasions after an accused made a video of the act and threatened to circulate the video clip.

The victim has alleged in her FIR that the accused have been running a sex racket in Kutch district and forcing victims to have sex with numerous persons after blackmailing them by making video.

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has demanded investigation into the Naliya sex racket case by a Special Investigation Team (SIT) headed by a sitting High Court judge and threatened to launch state-wide agitation on the issue.


  1. Absolutely fantastic reply by Dimple. However you have made an error in quoting Rahul Kanwal’s response. He mentioned UBS and Dimple responded saying she was mentioning Kutch which is a separate incident. No mention of Pune in the conversation between them.

  2. Akshilesh has himself proved donkey miserably failing as CM. In fact he was thrust upon by his father with sole aim to loot UP inducting yadavs on every imp posts recruiting yadav and muslims.Distributing post of miinisters to yadav clan.Akhilesh never demosntrated anysigns of seriousness to deal with UP crtical issues power,irrigation law and order ,health, transport, infrstructure except distributing freebies for vote banks His record during five years is of shameless blatant muslim appeasement when faced with elections he went into Jugad with partnering congress for consolidating muslims votebanks All his tenure he was dabblingin birthday parties marriages of Yadav family Saifai filmi naachgana the fact remains he is utterly incompetent a village bum enjoying the money and power hijacekd by his wily unscruplous father doing yadav and muslims politics foisting his son to power.Now the fear of defeat in elections he has embarked upon the false and fake campaign Kaam Bolta of dismal performance in UP by dolling crores in publicity campaign.Now when Modi tears into his misdeeds he gets rattlled instead of giving clarification he mocks modi.How much money Rahul kanwal managed for India Today from Akhilesh Yadav even bringing Dimple yadav this is moralitly India journalism shocking

  3. What is this…if BJP is doing wrong ..then SP will also do ..such a disguisting reply..No matter from which party they were in kutch they must be punished…but doing public rally for a rapist can never be right no matter what….sry dimple your party is pro women safety

  4. UP is “ULTA PRADESH” . Dimple Yadavji please be well informed . I am from UP and now live in Gujarat FOR 27 years. Law and Order in UP is hopeless. Thanks to your father-in-law and his coterie.I agree that rape anywhere should be condemned . But that does not salvage the situation for you.Your Yadav clan and even Mayawati have made UP a butt of jokes.Rapes,murders,loots,eve teasing,dacoities are the order of the day in Ulta Pradesh. Poor infrastructure ,power cuts, filth,dirt and everything bad is the hallmark of UP . Instead of pointing to stray incidents in Gujarat you and your husband should focus on improving the lot of UP otherwise you could see a day where only goondas will stay there or may those who want to die by the side of the Ganges.

    • You are yourself claiming that you are living in Gujarat for 27 years. So, how can you make claims as to the PRESENT SITUATION of law and order in Uttar Pradesh? Don’t talk like ISI agent Dhruva Saxena of Madhya Pradesh.

  5. Great reply by Dimple . Media is biased simmillarly they have never shown it in prime time about bjp’s leaders and workers spying for isi in MP and bhakts have not spoken any thing . Kahan desh Bhakti bhaktin and channels ki

  6. Compare UP and Gujarat incidents? In former, SC has to intervene, in latter alleged culprits are arrested. In Anti-Sikh riots, no punishment, in 2002 riots, even Ministers sentenced, not to talk of several others. The appeasement of one community by so-called ‘secularists’, who in fact are crass communalists is blatant and they do not have the vision to separate the metal from the ore.

  7. Being an woman Dimple Ma’am replied wrong answer because anyone was done mistake then other is not proves right for same thing happened

  8. Dimple Yadav is a next gen. leader and she has been proving this from time to time. Whether it be staying calm during her rally or developing her adopted village under sansad gram vikas yojna. It’s also great to see her addressing.


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