Dilip Pandey: 22,000 ghost employees in MCD, who takes their salaries?


In a ‘shocking revelation’ AAP Delhi Convener Dilip Pandey on Friday stated that over 22,000 MCD employees are ghost employees, and has asked for investigation to be carried out to find out who receives their salaries.

Pandey reportedly siad, “22,000 employees of MCD are ghost employees, a shocking revelation. Investigation must be done (to see) who takes their salaries?” He further added, “Rs 18,000 crore loan was given to MCD during Sheila Dikshit’s government. Now, the MCD is demanding more money.”

Pandey further slammed the Central government by asking, “Mongolia ko dene ke liye haazaron crore rupees hain lekin Mangolpuri ke MCD karamchariyaon ke liye paise nahi hain?” (Have enough money to give thousands of crores to Mongolia, but not enough to give the salaries of Mangolpuri sanitation workers?) He further added, “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan was started with a lot of publicity, but have to say that BJP-led MCD is one of world’s most corrupt bodies.”

He further claimed that the Delhi government released the salaries of the sanitation workers on Thursday, even before High Court’s order to do the same.

Earlier today, Manish Sisodia also tweeted that the pending salaries had been released on Thursday only.

MCD employees previously held protests by spilling garbage on the streets and demanded their pending salaries by holding protests outside the minister’s house, and blamed the NDA and AAP government for playing blame games instead of taking actions.


  1. We had lots of hope from Modiji but he is disappointing us. Why isn’t he taking actions against corruption in MCD.


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