Shocking: Did Jat protesters sexually assault women commuters


Jat protests over reservation demands have now come under serious scrutiny after reports of women commuters being raped emerged.

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A report published in Chandigarh’s Tribune says that vehicles with women passengers stopped on the national highway near Murthal in the wee hours of Monday morning before the protesters dragged them out into the nearby fields and raped.

The police has dismissed the allegation describing it as ‘rumour’ but the report said that as many as 10 women were sexually assaulted.

The Tribune report further added that the victims and their families were ‘reportedly advised by the district officials not to report the matter to anyone for the sake of their honour.’

The commuters travelling to the National Capital Region (NCR) were allegedly attacked by 30-odd ‘goons.’

Their vehicles were set on fire as most ran for shelter.

Women, who couldn’t escape, were pulled out, stripped and raped.

It took to residents of Hassanpur and Kurad to come for their help in the morning when they brought clothes and blankets for the victims.

“Three women were taken to Amrik Sukhdev Dhaba and united with their families in the presence of senior police officers. They appeared lifeless. District officials who arrived there, instead of investigating the matter, persuaded the families to take the women home. Many were provided transport,” an unnamed eyewitness was quoted by the paper.

Residents of Hassanpur and Kurad, camping at Sukhdev Dhaba since Sunday after goons tried to set the eatery on fire, corroborated the account.

Meanwhile, Punjab and Haryana High Court has taken strong cognisance of reports about rapes in Murthal during  protests.

Justice Sanghi wrote to CJI that reports of rapes during the protests were shameful and Haryana Police did not act and instead asked victims to go home.


  1. numerous inner wears found in fields near sukhdev which are them self reciting the whole story …….Look at the foolish government…sending jaat(Devender Singh and IG Paramjit Ahlawat had visited the spot and interacted with people) officials to probe the matter…….send some non jat and non haryana senior IPS official things will start coming out of there own


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