Did clouds really fall in Morocco? Truth of viral video


A video claiming to be of cloud fall in Morocco in early February has gone viral.

In the video, cloud-like shapes covering the ground in the region of Doukkala in Morocco can be seen.

The person who filmed it can be heard shouting in praise of God in awe.

This is now being fervently shared social media platforms with many attributing to a miraculous phenomenon.

However, when jantakareporter.com contacted experts, they were quick to rubbish the claims.

According to one expert, this has nothing to do with ‘divine intervention.’

She said, ” It is created by winds skimmingn off the surfaceof a toxic water body, causing the surfactants to form foam which is carried for some distance by the winds.

“Soap bubbles have low longevity, while these last for several days and are also corrosive in nature- causing low grade burns when they come in contact with skin.”

She said that those who lived in south eastern areas of Bengaluru were familiar with this phenomenan.

“Many of the lakes here have been reduced to this condition by poor effluent management and large-scale corruption.”

Video claiming to be a fall of cloud in Morocco is going viral. How scientists have rubbished the claim saying this phenomenon is created by winds skimming off the surface of a toxic water body, causing the surfactants to form "foam", which is carried for some distance by the winds.

Posted by Janta Ka Reporter on Monday, February 29, 2016


  1. ok folks, don’t be alarmed, this is not GOD punishing you or being angry with you. It’s just your fellow corrupted elected officials actions here!! Now you can stop all of this nonsense!!!!

  2. Your expert rubbished void. The filmmaker said nothing about divine intervention, the words he used are normally employed when one is astonished by a novel sight


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