Chandan Mitra becomes twitter ‘sensation’ after he criticises BJP’s twitter ‘trolls’


Senior BJP leader Chandan Mitra on Tuesday had become a top twitter trend. That’s because a comment by Mitra on NDTV on Monday night had prompted twitteratis to discuss the journalist-turned-politician all through the night.

Mitra, while responding to NDTV anchor Barkha Dutt’s allegation that BJP supporters on social media were known for giving grief to their own leaders on occasions they made statements criticial of the Modi government, said, “twitteratis are nothing but sounding board. These are the people who have nothing better to do than just express their opinions on various political subjects.”

Dutt gave example of Anutag Thakur, a BJP MP and also a senior functionary in the Indian cricket board, the BCCI. Thakur, according to Dutt, was hounded by BJP’s twitter brigade, because he had supported the idea of resuming cricket series with Pakistan.

BJP trolls, who viewed this as a direct confrontation to the party’s public posturing advocating a tougher stand against Pakistan, had launched stinging attack against Thakur for holding such views.

Prime Minister Modi is known to have given patronage to BJP’s most abusive trolls on twitter. Some of the twitter users Modi had invited for personal audience after becoming prime minister are those who have been notorious for using the most disgusting expletives against their critics.

So, Mitra’s comments comparing BJP’s twitter users as people who have nothing better to do in life, were bound to have made him a twitter ‘sensation’ overnight.

Here is how twitter reacted;



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