‘Dhritarashtra’ Election Commission wants son Duryodhana (BJP) to win elections by hook or crook: Kejriwal


Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal on Monday once again raked up the issue of EVM tampering while launching a blistering attack against the Election Commission.

dhritarashtra election commission
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He said that the Election Commission had become ‘Dhritarashtra’ with the only motive to help son ‘Duryodhana’ (Bharatiya Janata Party) emerge victorious in the elections.

He told reporters, “The EC has become ‘Dhritarashtra’, who wants his son (Duryodhana) to win by hook or crook. The EC’s motive is not to conduct the elections but to ensure the BJP’s victory.”

The Delhi chief minister also alleged that machines used during the bypoll in Rajasthan’s Dholpur, may have been tampered with.

He said, “In these 18 EVM machines, the vote was going to the BJP no matter where it was pressed. In Bhind, one such EVM was found during mock drill. Yesterday in Dholpur, 18 such EVM machines were found. It means that their software was changed, the code and programming was changed. When did they change all this?”

“Even for the Delhi municipal elections, the EVMs are coming from Rajasthan. Why are they coming from Rajasthan? Why the machines from Delhi are cancelled? All the machines from Rajasthan are manipulated and tempered,” he was quoted by news agency ANI.

This came after a voter on Sunday complained that he had cast his vote in favour of Congress but the printout coming out of VVPAT machine showed the vote had gone to the BJP.

The returning officer of the Election Commission had told Aaj Tak that one voter, Rakesh Jain, had reported the faulty machine. This prompted the officers deployed at the polling booth to stop the poll for at least two hours. This led to loud protests by Congress supporters.

There were reports of EVMs malfunctioning at over dozen polling booths.

Sunday’s development came after similar complaint was reported from Madhya Pardesh’s Bhind district, which during an inspection, it was found that an EVM machine with VVPAT attached, was favouring the BJP.

Earlier, Kejriwal had claimed that EVMs were being brought from Uttar Pradesh to conduct the polls, a charge the State Election Commission had rejected.

With the Opposition’s questions on the reliability of the electronic voting machines getting louder, the Commission has come out with a list of ‘frequently asked questions’ to put across its views in public domain.


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