Detergent found in Mother Dairy milk sample


The Uttar Pradesh (UP) Food and Drug Administration has said that it found detergent in one of the samples of Mother Dairy’s milk packets. Though Mother Dairy has strongly denied it, UP FDA officials have maintained their stand.

“Results showed that the samples were sub-standard and one of the two contained detergent,” UP FDA official in Agra, Ram Naresh Yadav, told a news agency.

“The samples had been picked up from Mother Dairy’s collection centres in Bah in November 2014. “The samples were first sent to Lucknow and later to Kolkata on the demand of the company,” Yadav further said.

Mother Dairy, however, has categorically denied any adulteration of milk it supplies in pouches.

Speaking to news agency PTI, Sandeep Ghosh, the head of Milk, Fruits and Vegetables Section at Mother Dairy in Delhi, said, “Mother Dairy milk undergoes four levels of thorough testing at various levels — input, processing, dispatches and even at market level.”

He also added, “Every tanker of milk reaching at plants passes a series of 23 stringent quality tests to check any deviation from defined parameters. These tests assist in detecting contamination of milk through water, urea, detergent, oil, etc”.


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