Demonetisation effect: Now, pay first and then get petrol in Goa


Finding it difficult to pay back change to customers, petrol pumps in Goa have now adopted ‘pay first and then fill’ policy.

A request has been made to all customers to first pay and then get fuel to avoid the problem of non availability of change, Goa Petrol Pump Dealers’ Association president Paresh Joshi said.

 pay first

“All petrol pumps are facing problems to deliver change of smaller denominations against the new Rs 2,000 currency note. We request customers to please bear with us till the situation normalises,” he said.

People have been queueing up at petrol pumps in hopes of getting change for the scrapped notes after the Central government recently invalidated the higher denomination Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes.

The association has said that the customers should not get angry with petrol pump staffers, who are under tremendous stress since the decision was announced.

“Difficulty if any, may kindly be taken up to the sales office, where you will be attended either by the owner or their manager. Our delivery staff have complained about this stress and the arguments the customers have with them,” Joshi said in a statement issued here.

He said all the petrol pumps in Goa were committed to accept old currency notes till November 24 as notified by the government.

“However, the association clarifies that this facility should not be only used to exchange your old notes. The facility is available to utilise the old currency notes to receive fuel of equal amount or in its multiples. Reasonable change may be available, but presently we are facing the problem of sufficient amount of smaller denomination notes,” he added.


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