Modi tweets on ‘loss of lives’ in Turkey, Twitter reminds him on no tweet for demonetisation deaths


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday described as “barbaric” the terror attack in Istanbul and said India stands by Turkey in this time of grief.

demonetisation deaths

“Heartfelt condolences to the government and people of Turkey on the tragic loss of lives in Istanbul,” he tweeted.

“We strongly condemn the barbaric attack and stand by Turkey in this time of grief,” the PM added.

Thirty-nine people, including foreigners, were killed when a gunman stormed an Istanbul nightclub as revellers were celebrating the New Year.

Twitter users and his political opponents were quick to highlight the irony in his tweet by pointing out how the PM had not posted a single tweet of condolence on the deaths of more than 100 people due to his decision to restrict people’s ability to withdraw their own money from banks.

Here are some of the tweets;


  1. Mr.Modi , let me Inform you that about 100 people have died while waiting in ques for their own money to be withdrawn from banks. Perhaps you were busy trying to find out convincing JUMLAs to be dished out to the always gullible ,and eager to become more gullible, public.
    But do not condone or show concern for these fools. Because them you can very easily befool as usual by your oratory and shouting and abusing words your Bhakts would deliver at the drop of hat of their boss.


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