Demand Modi and Jaitley to withdraw new rule on PF, stop this tyranny of un-elected: Kejriwal


Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday launched stinging attack on Narendra Modi government and the Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley for ‘interfering’ with Provident Funds of middle class population.

In a series of tweets posted a while ago, Kejriwal called it a ‘tyranny of un-elected ( in reference to Jaitley becoming minister by virtue of being elected from the Upper House), Kejriwal said, “I demand that PM and FM roll-back this rule ASAP. PF is our only savings. We adults have wisdom to manage it. Why govt is interfering? This is tyranny of unelected people like Jaitley ji. They have no idea of pulse of the people. They are disconnected from reality.”

Recalling his days as a government employee, the Delhi chief minister said the new rule by the central government barring employees from withdrawing all of their savings was nothing less than ‘draconian.’

He said, “I was an employee myself and I stand with all employees against this draconian rule. Why should my hard earned savings remain with govt? Modi changed PF Withdrawal rules. Only 50% of PF savings can be now withdrawn; rest of it remains with govt till you become 58 years old.”

Kejriwal said that for most population, provident fund was their only saving and the Modi government was attempting to prevent the rightful owners from accessing that when they need the most.

He said, “For most employees, who are aam aadmi, PF is the only saving… apart from that ‘Kucch Bachta Nahin Hai Itni Mehangai mein.’ Startup-India is useless if an employee can’t withdraw his money n start his business when government is squatting on his savings.”



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