Delhi woman ‘raped’ for hours by call-centre employees, walked with no clothes on streets


In a shocking case, a 26-year-old woman was allegedly ‘gangraped’ for hours in east Delhi by call-centre employees on Saturday. The mother of two finally managed to escape by jumping off a 20-feet-high balcony.

According to police, the victim walked on Delhi streets with almost no clothing and pleaded for help but no one bothered to come to her help.



All accused, Lakshay Bhalla, Vikas Kumar, Naveen, Prateek and Swarit have been arrested.

The police said that the alleged incident took place on the weekend, when Vikas, who was known to her, picked the victim from her flat in south Delhi and took her to a flat in east Delhi’s Pandav Nagar area.

“The woman left with him and on the way met two of his friends. The three brought her to the flat where their other friends were already present,” police was quoted by NDTV.

The woman in her complaint said that she was forced to consume alcohol before being locked inside a room, where the accused took turns to sexually assault her till early hours on Sunday.

It was early in the morning, at around 5.30 AM, when she finally managed to escape by jumping off the balcony.

“The woman was admitted to the Lal Bahadur Shastri Hospital for medical treatment and examination. She has sustained minor injuries in her legs,” a senior police officer said.

The cops also said that the woman had been changing her statements prompting them to carry out further investigations.


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