Delhi water minister alleges reporter from Jagran filed anti govt story on water fight based on a WhatsApp video


Delhi government’s water minister, Kapil Mishra, has hit back at the reporter who reported about the alleged fight among women over water crisis in Mahipalpur area of the national capital on Sunday.

Mishra has alleged that the reporter from Jagran newspaper had filed a ‘misleading’ report based on a WhatsApp video without seeking to confirm it either from the people in the video or the local MLA.

The video of some women engaged in a fight near a water tanker had gone viral after the reporter, Arvind Kumar Dwivedi of Jagran newspaper filed a detailed report on Sunday.

According to the report, the fight was over the water as the government-provided tank arrived in the area to distribute water.

Taking note of this story, Delhi chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal, took to twitter to demand explanation and asked Mishra to visit the affected area and submit a report.

Kejriwal wrote, “Kapil Mishra what is this? Please visit the area today and report back.”

On Sunday night, Mishra tweeted claiming that he had spoken to the reporter, who, according to him, had confessed filing the report based on a WhatsApp video.

Mishra tweeted, ” Real facts behind Dainik Jagran story and current facts of Mahipalpur water situation.”

He also sent a detailed report to Kejriwal informing him about his conversation with the report and what was being done with to address the issue of water supply in the area being reported by the Hindi newspaper.

This latest episode involving Dainik Jagran comes few months after Kejriwal had attacked the paper’s bureau chief of biases against AAP.


Within days after the Delhi chief minister publicly criticised the reporter, the national bureau chief, was reportedly sacked by the paper.

Mishra’s letter to Kejriwal (below)

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