Delhi to emulate London as Kejriwal govt plans to launch WiFi, CCTV in buses and common day travel cards for commuters


If you’ve been to London and travelled in the British iconic city’s underground( metro train or tube as it’s also known as), you may be familiar with the Day/Weekly/Monthly travel cards, which are valid for both train and the bus serviced in the specified zones.

Much along the same lines, Arvind Kejriwal government has decided to roll out a new service which will give Delhiites access to those facilities in the capital.

The Delhi transport minister on Wednesday said that CCTV cameras, Wi-Fi, common travel card for DTC buses and Delhi Metro, premium buses and e-ticketing machines on buses are some of the initiatives the AAP government was planning to implement this year.

According to PTI, Rai said that travel cards valid for metro and buses will be introduced this year.

Again, just like London, where commuters have access to e-ticket machines to book tickets themselves instead of standing in a long queue, the minister said that Delhi government will buy 3,775 e-ticketing machines (ETMs) for the city passengers.

To make sure that metro users have the last mile connectivity, the government will buy around 500 buses in areas with poor public transport facilities.

Quoting an official, the news agency also reported that CCTV cameras and Wi-Fi will be installed on the buses of Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) this year and tenders will be floated soon for the same.

The bus service in England has had CCTV installed for many years, while they introduced the free WiFi facility two years ago.

As per the Delhi government’s plans0, 1,000 buses to be run under cluster system will hit the roads from April-May while 1,000 air-conditioned low-floor buses will start plying from August.

“Under premium bus service, we will run 1,000 buses by the end of this year. These buses will have AC, water, magazine, marshals, Wi-Fi and other facilities,” the official was quoted by PTI.



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