Delhi secretariat to become first to run on renewable and green energy


Delhi Government on Monday said that it was planning to make the secretariat the first in the country to run completely on ‘renewable and green energy.’

A statement from the government said that it was committed to making the national capital as a Solar city. To accomplish its goal, it said it had decided to begin the work from Delhi Secretariat itself.

According to Delhi government, in association with the ministry of new and renewable energy(MNRE), Government of India, it is setting a MW ground-based Solar Power Plant at the vacant land of Indraprastha Power Station.

“For the next 25 years this Solar Power Plant will supply power directly to the Delhi Secretariat, which will make Delhi Secretariat to be a first State Secretariat of the nation running completely on the renewable and green energy. It will make it an environment-friendly green building. The work at the site has already started,” said a government statement.

This plant will utilize the latest technology including the tracker mechanism which will track the movement of the sun for maximum feedback. Delhi government is reportedly taking part to convert Delhi Secretariat into a “most efficient environment-friendly green building  by adopting various energy efficiency measures.”

The government hopes it will also bring down the electricity bills of Delhi Secretariat considerably.

Delhi government has also prepared a draft Solar Policy, which has been released recently for public consultation. This policy will be finalized after consultation with all stakeholders.


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