Delhi residents to get compensation for delayed service: Arvind Kejriwal


Delhi chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal, on Saturday said that the city’s residents will soon be able to claim compensation for services delayed by government departments if the assembly clears a legislation in this regard in its next session.

The Delhi government will table the Service Delivery Amendment Bill in the upcoming assembly session, he said. Given that Kejriwal’s party, AAP, has 67 out of 70 legislators in the assembly, this bill looks all set to be passed.

“We will table service delivery amendment bill in this upcoming session. We hope that the recommendations of the bill will be implemented from January 1 after the rules are framed,” he said.

Speaking to a select group of reporters at his official residence, Kejriwal said the compensation will be paid on the basis of a daily fine that will be recovered from the salary of the official found responsible for causing the delay.

“If you apply for a certificate and don’t get it in the stipulated time period, for instance 15 days, you will automatically get compensation from the 16th day. The government will not foot the bill for the compensation. It will be recovered from the salary of the official responsible.

“The competent authority will have to fix responsibility and if he is not able to do so, it will be deducted from his salary,” Kejriwal told reporters.

Kejriwal said heads of departments have been asked to identify which services can be included in the first lot for this. “They have a month to decide. Time-frame will be fixed for each official a file is processed by.”

The officials will also have recourse to redress and they can take up any grievance with their department heads. “Those who do good work will be rewarded. And the reward will be exemplary.”

The Act was passed when Sheila Dikshit of the Congress party was the chief minister in Delhi, but not a single claim for compensation has been filed as the process is too cumbersome for the claimant, he said.

He also spoke about simplifying the process of verifying documents, saying the citizens will now be able to self-attest their details, but submitting false information will immediately attract police action.

“Earlier the liability was with the sub-divisional magistrate who stamped your certificate, no liability of the claimant. No field verification of details are actually carried out.

“Now you file your details and issue any certificate you want, you can cite whatever income you want, but after you file your details online, we will carry out calculations. If you lie in your declaration, there will be a direct police case against you. Ham chodenge nahi (We will not let you off),” he said.

Kejriwal said his government will simplify procedures for issuance of various important certificates by initiating self-attestation process on documents and abolishing 200 categories of affidavits.

“Initiating self-attestation process is a biggest change. We are trusting the citizens and making the system citizen centric,” the chief minister said.

Earlier, he said, people had to approach gazetted officers or the MPs/MLAs to get their documents attested for issuance of various certificates but in the new system which the government was bringing, the need of attestation and producing affidavits would no more be required.

“From December 1 the new system will be in place. This will make the system transparent and help in eliminating corruption,” he said, adding this will also reduce the delivery time of services.

Earlier this month, the Delhi cabinet announced the abolishment of 200 different categories of affidavits applicable in the national capital and the initiation of self-attestation process on documents from December 1.

Kejriwal said that the decision was aimed at ending unnecessary harassment faced by the public in getting official work done. Only those affidavits which are mandatory, according to laws passed by the Parliament or Delhi assembly, have been retained, he said.

Some of the affidavits which have been dispensed with are for issue of ration card, addition/deletion of name in ration card, issuance of duplicate ration card, change in address, registration of vehicles, permanent licence, pension to women in distress, financial assistance to poor widows for marriage of their daughters and orphan girls, Delhi Ladli Scheme, old age pension, disability pension, correction of birth and death, income certificate, disabled person certificate, pension and GPF, affidavits related to buildings under MCD and others.


    Kejriwal will be nominated for Nobel Peace for bringing justice to millions through peaceful means of democracy, non-violence, hard work, persistence, perseverance and integrity.

    This has not just served to fetch riveting media attention but also to project an image of a leader in the Gandhian mold. His attackers are now contrite devotees. It would be a mistake to see this just as tactical savvy. Rahul Gandhi will remain as a laughing stock while Modi will fade very quickly. Kejriwal will adoringly claim his place in history of India.

    Kejriwal set out to launch a new kind of party and politics, one that cares for the people and empathizes with them. In this, he is succeeding. His conduct offers sharp contrast to a paradigm of insult and revenge championed by others, even if no one imagined that Kejriwal would be heralding such a redefinition of a politician’s touchy-feely relationship with the people.

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    The future generations will read about Arvind Kejriwal in the history books in schools. Kejriwal is honest, modest, hardworking, and vegetarian and has been practicing Vipassana for many years. During his tenure in the IRS, Kejriwal refused to have a peon. He cleaned his own desk and emptied his own dustbin. Kejriwal is known to be averse to ceremony and does not celebrate his birthday. He is now dedicating his life to change our lives for the better.

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    Born in a middle-class home in a small town in Haryana, Arvind Kejriwal had studied diligently at school, and then passed one of the most fiercely competitive examinations in the world. Having graduated from an Indian Institute of Technology, a lucrative job in the corporate sector was his for the asking. He turned his back on the likes of Goldman Sachs and Hindustan Lever, and instead appeared for a public examination that equalled the IIT joint entrance in its competitiveness. This was the civil services test, where too he succeeded. This time, he took the job, but, after a decade, gave up the security and status that a Class I post in the Central government provides for the uncertain life of a social activist.

    As a student, Arvind Kejriwal had created his own chances and seized them. Rahul Gandhi, on the other hand, had been granted opportunities by his family background, and yet thrown them away. The pattern continued into later life. Kejriwal ran an NGO that directly addressed the problems of the poorer citizens of Delhi. His grassroots work won him a Magsaysay Award. His credibility established, he then threw himself into two wider campaigns, to bring about a right to information bill and to have the government appoint an anti-corruption ombudsman or lokpal.


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