Delhi resident alleges harassment by ‘mob’ of society members for teaching underprivileged children


A Delhi resident has shared her harrowing experience alleging harassment by a ‘mob’ consisting of housing society members, who were appear to be displeased over her decision to teach underprivileged children in the society.

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Jyoti Goyal took to Facebook to write that a group of ‘so-called educated residents’ of her housing society mobbed her, her husband and son with 70% disability on 3 December. She wrote, “On the night of 3rd December 2018, me, my husband and my Son (who is a specially-abled child with 70% disability) were surrounded by the mob of the few so called educated residents and their family members of our society (Unique Apartments sec-13 Rohini Delhi).

“They took us to society office and tried to pressurize us to stop and close our school where we provide free education to around 100 underprivileged kids #Ability consortium. They Manhandled Sandeep (my husband), me and my kid.”

Goyal alleged that her son Kanu was ‘terribly frightened’ by the experience and was ‘shivering like anything.’ She said that one of the residents began to allegedly abuse her and even physically assaulted her. She wrote, ” I was somehow trying to save him, meanwhile one of the guy started to abuse me and hit me as well while I was trying to help Sandeep. His phone got cracked, They were not letting us call police. (sic).”

She concluded her post by saying that she had decided to not close her school. Goyal also posted a video of the moment when she was taken to the housing society office. The video has evoked angry reaction from journalists and social media users, who have asked Delhi’s education minister, Manish Sisodia to take strict action against the residents of the said housing society.

Here’s the original post of Jyoti Goyal with video:


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