“Why am I bringing up my daughters in this godforsaken place?” Delhi resident on extraordinary example of Delhi Police’s insensitivity.


Radhika P Singh

His name is Nikhil and he tried to molest my friend.

She was walking down M block (near barakhamba red light) Connaught Place in Delhi, where this gentleman came and tried to kiss her in broad daylight. This happened in one of the most crowded places and no, she was not dressed inappropriately (because that is what many in our society think when a girl is harassed).

So, she got hold of the guy and started screaming at him, when some passersby came and helped her nab him. The worst mistake was to call the cops – they came 40 minutes after calling (she held onto him for that long) and the first thing the cops did was to take him inside his van and talk to him.

Now I know what they had discussed. The cops came out and asked my friend to write an application to the SHO Connaught place police station explaining what really happened to her. She wrote an application and the sub inspector, Mr. Sanjiv Kumar, rejected outright saying she was not clear.

She wrote an application second time, but again he said she hadn’t explained “in detail” what happened to him and what this guy did to her. By this time she was shaking with disgust and anger and tears started flowing.

Finally I offered to write an application in very clear words – “this guy Mr. Nikhil tried to molest me by attempting to kiss me” and guess what? It was again rejected by the sub inspector saying that I was wrong in thinking that she was molested.

According to him just trying to kiss a girl is NOT molestation!!!!!!!!! So he rejected our application for the 3rd time. The sub inspector Mr. Sanjiv kumar tried to scare us by saying that we will have to come to the police station, and then come to the court tomorrow in front of the Magistrate and then finally my friend should be calling her parents or relatives.

I asked why aren’t his people being called? The police official said there was no need! It felt as we were the criminals and he was the victim. We realised we lived in a place where every girl has to fight for herself.  We should have just beaten the pulp out of this guy and let him lie on road rather than take him to the cops because clearly, the police ain’t there to protect us.

It is there to protect the mentality that women are second class citizens. My friend felt humiliated and afraid at the same time. Humiliated because everyone of the people standing and watching the tamasha felt that we were overreacting. ‘You know he is just a guy… Let him go!” And afraid that if we fought more, she might end up being followed and harassed. The police have even forwarded her number to this guys’ parents (they called her up last night) and now she fears the worst… Why am I bringing up my daughters in this godforsaken place?

A version of this first appeared on the author’s FB wall.

NOTE: Views expressed are the author’s own. Janta Ka Reporter does not endorse any of the views, facts, incidents mentioned in this piece.


  1. I rarely comment, but this one is an exception. No question. we are living in Banana republic headed by pea-sized brained politicians and bureaucrats. Seriously was this a real story? shame of delhi police!

    • you don’t know if the story was real even after the whole article. How do you expect the Police officer to know if the story is real based on unclear-detail lacking applications.

      • Mr. Mohammad. It was a rhetorical question. If a police officer cant understand that kissing forcibly in public is molestation what sort of a person is he?

  2. I don’t want to sound insensitive but usually police respond rather quickly in a case where women are involved and are helpful. An incident, my mother was involved in a spat with a guy while getting her car parked. The police were called after sometime and still the guy didn’t back off. In all this time, he also managed to shove my mother in anger, slightly. The police took my mother aside and told her to file a molestation case against him for the pushing or atleast threaten to the same as the guy was asking for monetary compensation for his car which was damaged due his own overspeeding, a fact corroborated by passerbys too. Ultimately my mom, being too satywadi, refused to lodge a formal complaint against him and the guy, seeing the police supporting my mom forgot the 5000 he was haranguing her for and drove away.

    So the police aren’t always devil’s in disguise. The above case in the article, though very saddening, might have had some inconsistencies when being repeated to the police. You can’t lock someone away only on the basis of a girl’s story without much evidence.

  3. Now I hope every body understand why Arvind kejriwal wants the police under Delhi Govt. More and more people will experience this kind of horrible incident if people of Delhi dont come forward.

  4. Hand over delhi police to state Government fir dekho descipline kaise rakkha jaata hai lekin dekhoge aadhe se jyada to jail hi chale jaaoge.

  5. No wonder’s it happens only in India, if there is no murder or rape there is no crime, rest should be sorted out with the help of police with no complaints.


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