Delhi Police’s DCP Devendra Arya apoligises for tweet questioning Supreme Court on firecrackers ban


A senior IPS officer working for the Delhi Police has apologised for his tweet criticising the Supreme Court on the firecrackers ban on Diwali. The officer is question was Delhi’s Deputy Commissioner of Police (southwest) Devendra Arya, who had controversially written, “You can be jailed for bursting firecrackers on Diwali. Never thought that such a day would come. Is this my India that I am living in.”

Delhi Police

His tweet had evoked widespread condemnation as social media users questioned the Delhi Police how one of its senior officers could use a language of a pro-Hindutva troll when its job was to ensure the implementation of the Supreme Court ban. Faced with growing condemnation, the Delhi Police had responded, “The said tweet got posted from the personal handle of Sh. Devender Arya. It was immediately deleted by the officer. Delhi Police has nothing to do with that tweet. We are committed to ensure that directions of Hon’ble Supreme Court on this issue are strictly complied with.”

Arya has now apologised for his tweet calling it ‘an inadvertent slip.’ He said, “It was a momentary inadvertent slip on my part. It does not reflect any opinion/view. I sincerely apologise for this inadvertent slip.”

Arya is the Deputy Commissioner of Police (southwest) in the Delhi Police.

Arya may have apologised realising the consequences by the Supreme Court, but his language shows the presence of deep-rooted Hindutva ideology among top IPS officers in Indian police service. If this is the sentiments expressed by an IPS officer, one worries about the state of police personnel on ground, particularly those being led by Arya.

The Supreme Court on 23 October had ruled that ‘only crackers with reduced emission will be allowed and ‘they can be sold through licenced holders.’ It had said that on Diwali night, the firecrackers will be allowed between 8-10 pm, while permissible timing for Christmas and the New Yea has been set from 11.55 pm to 12.30 am.


  1. He is the biggest culprit demanding money from several people for filing F.I.R. otherwise doing atrocity with complainant via their sub police stations.


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