Delhi Police under fire for assaulting students with help of ‘RSS goons,’ Video goes viral


A video showing the alleged brutality of Delhi police has gone viral on social media.

In the video, now being fervently shared on twitter, the Delhi police personnel are seen mercilessly thrashing students, who were protesting against the death of the Dalit scholar of Hyderabad University, Rohith Vemula. Rohith had committed suicide after being expelled from the university allegedly at the behest of the Union HRD Minister, Smriti Irani.

The protesting students were trying to march towards the RSS office, when they were stopped by several officers of Delhi police, who zeroed in on one male student before mercilessly thrashing him..

The police was soon joined by members of public (alleged RSS workers), who too began to assault the student.

The incident has caused huge embarrassment to the cops, who have faced many criticism for their alleged excesses against people of Delhi in the past.

The video has gone viral on social media with Delhi Police drawing flak from twitter users.

Jounalist Shekha Gupta said,

Aam Aadmy Party too was quick to use this video to launch fresh attack against the city cops, who it has locked horns since forming government in the capital last year.

Here are some other reactions;


  1. What! Delhi police embarrassed ? Only people with some sense of shame get embarrassed. Shameless thugs of Delhi Police and RSS cowards with mob mentality.

  2. Shame on Bassi for this in streets of delhi, this video circulated in Washington DC.It is also heard it reached the US presidents mobile phone.

  3. Look at the brutality of police and RSS goons. They have not spared even a women. Protest is the fundamental right of everyone. Present regime is much worse than British. God bless this Government

  4. I am Confused who will full khakhi pants our half pants defend rule of law handle situation ?
    Delhi Police Most powerful Police force in the country is need help from RSS goons ?

  5. Shame on Delhi police and shame on BJP -MODI govt.under whose nose all this is happening. Students were just protesting and let them, why police became violent. There was no reason for doing so. This was excess use of force. When all this nonsense would end.

  6. Shame on delhi police. There is no need to praise delhi police ever. This is the result of illegal recruitment of cops from HARYANA and western up – Jat / Gujar belt only.


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