Delhi police stopped Muslims from offering namaz at Khirki mosque, an ASI protected site


A video showing heated arguments between Muslim devotees and Delhi police officials are being shared on social media platforms.

According to the video, members of Muslims community are seen arguing with the Delhi police officials over their right to offer namaz inside Khirki mosque.

What emerges from the conversation in the video is that the mosque in question had fallen to disuse for several years thereby becoming a save haven for drug peddlers and alcoholics in the area.

The police sub-inspector is seen questioning why Muslims needed to offer namaz in a building, which had now been declared as ‘an ASI protected building.’

Muslim devotees, in turn, justify on the grounds that there are many ASI protected mosques including Jama Masjid where people offer namaz.

Brijesh Tiwari, who is a security guard at the Khirki mosque told Janta Ka Reporter that a group of Muslims had visited the site and requested him to open the lock so that they could see the mosque from inside.

“I thought they were tourists, so I opened the gate. But, soon they started the namaz. I dialed 100 and soon the Malviyanagar SHO was here.”

Tiwari said that there hasn’t been any tradition of namaz in Khirki mosque for over 50 years. According to him, the incident took place on June 13 and the Muslim devotees had come here to see if they could use this premise for prayers during Ramadan. However, those people have not returned after police intervened.


Watch the video here:


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