Delhi police said maar maar kar bharta bana doonga: Yogendra Yadav


Former AAP leader Yogendra Yadav on Tuesday revealed that Delhi police had wanted to kill him.

Yadav, who along his 90 other fellow protesters, were arrested from Jantar Mantar on the early hours of Tuesday, was released on Tuesday evening after the Delhi High Court’s intervention.

Soon after being released, Yadav said, ” I was not allowed to speak to media. The SHO Dinesh Kumar threatened to ‘kill me.’

He said, “He(The SHO) said maar maar kar bharta bana doonga (I will make mincemeat of you).”

Yadav along with his several other senior colleagues namely Supreme Court lawyer Prashant Bhushan and Dr Anand Kumar were expelled from Aam Aadmi Party earlier this year.

He’s been leading the protests championing the farmers’ cause and was protesting at Jantar Mantar, when Delhi police arrested them. Yadav, who kept tweeting throughout the night, called it a midnight crackdown by Delhi police.

Bhushan, while talking to media on Tuesday afternoon had questioned the legality of these arrests accusing the cops of trying to turn the city into a repressive regime, where no individual can enjoy their personal freedom enshrined in Article 19 of Indian constitution.


  1. What ever Delhi police is doing against the dedicated leaders whether Alka Lamba or Yogendra Yadav. is very embarrassing,unethical and inhuman as well.Its pre- emergency scenario


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