Delhi Police to reward constables for saving farmer from committing suicide


Delhi Police will reward two of its constables, who were responsible for saving a farmer from Rajasthan from committing suicide at Jantar Mantar on Monday.

According to a report in Indian Express, the constables — Naresh and Nandlal from the fourth battalion of Delhi Armed Police — had saved the life of a farmer from Maharashtra, identified as Prashant Deshmukh,

The constables, both aged 32, were deployed at Jantar Mantar as part of two platoons (at least 120 personnel).

It was during their routine rounds, when they they spotted Deshmukh standing at the edge of the footpath with one end of a rope around his neck and the other tied to a tree.

Naresh said, “As soon as we saw what he going to do we started to run towards him. Some policemen standing at a police picket in Jantar Mantar followed us.”

Nandlal said, “I started shouting ‘aao jaldi, aao jaldi’ (come fast), and I got hold of his legs so he could not move. He had already put the rope around his neck. Then Naresh climbed the tree and untied the rope. As we held him, he started crying and told us that he was worried about a piece of land that was allegedly taken by the government for which he received no compensation.”

Deputy Commissioner of Police Jatin Narwal, who recommended their names for rewards, said, “They have done a commendable job by being alert and saving the life of a farmer. We have decided to reward them.”


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