Delhi police constable, who was wrongly shamed and called, drunk actually suffered from neurological problem


Rifat Jawaid

Delhi Police constable Salim, whose video of in a dizzy state in a Delhi metro in August year, was attributed to his drunken condition, was never true.

The video had gone viral on social media platforms and many channels ran the video on their platforms.

What was attributed to Salim’s drunken condition was actually the result of his acute health problems and partial paralysis of his body.

While had never carried the story on our website, I’m ashamed to no end that our Facebook page posted the video thereby contributing to an utterly innocent police officer being shamed in public.

Even though, the video posted on our Facebook page recorded just 3,000 views, I’m still not comfortable with the fact that we were party to the officer being shamed, when he deserved every one of our support and sympathy.

I’m struggling to write this piece after reading the revelation by It has shaken me to no end.

We extend our unconditional apology to the officer and his family. That’s not why I had become a journalist in the first place and , more crucially, that’s not the purpose with which we had launched

I would strongly urge the channels and bigger platforms, who had prompted us to be swayed by the viral nature of this video to also come forward and broadcast the truth. I’m sure this will go a long way in restoring the pride and honour of the constable.

There’s a big learning for us and that’s to exercise utter caution in future while posting videos. As we learn, there’s no joy in being carried away by the viral video just because some channels have carried it. I’m determined to put in place the required editorial measures for this to never happen again.



  1. Others should learn from Janta Ka Reporter. I don’t think any other media house would have apologised like this.


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