Delhi Police arrest cruel mother, who killed 7-month-old daughter to end family’s misfortunes


The Delhi Police have cracked the mysterious death of a 7-month-old baby, whose death was earlier blamed on her drowning in a bucket by her mother.

Delhi Police

However, the cops have now arrested Adiba, the mother, for murdering the baby hoping that her death will end her financial and other misfortunes.

According to reports, Adiba had married one Israr, who is a tailor by profession in Delhi’s Hazrat Nizamuddin area, about 18 months ago. The couple had their first child seven months ago. But the mother began to face financial and health problems since the birth of the baby.

Adiba blamed this sudden misfortune on the birth of her daughter and decided to kill her. On 20 August, she strangled the baby with her dupatta and killed her in her sleep. She then placed the dead body in a bucket full of water before running to her husband, who was at his tailoring shop, to inform that the baby was drowning in a bucket.

The baby was brought to Moolchand Hospital, where doctors observed unusual marks around the baby’s neck. This raised the suspicions of the police as the version stated by the mother did not stack up.

A report by India Today said that on close observation, the police noticed some visible marks. The baby was quickly shifted to the AIIMS mortuary for a post-mortem. On, 21 August, a post mortem was conducted and a report confirmed that “the cause of death is fatal pressure over the neck.”

On sustained interrogation, the mother broke down and confessed to her crime. According to her, she was convinced that the baby was the source of the sudden misfortune plaguing her family.

Police have arrested the 27-year-old mother and also recovered her dupatta, used to strangle the baby’s murder.


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