Delhi police personnel to get leave for wedding anniversaries and children’s birthdays


Delhi’s new police commissioner Alok Kumar is a very popular man among the city cops because of his radical step towards the welfare of his people in uniform.

Taking a cue from Maharashtra, Kumar has announced special leaves for personnel posted at police stations in Delhi for their wedding anniversaries and the birthdays of their children.

The step has been taken to help them beat stress.

“The move came after senior officials took note of the level of stress which personnel posted at police stations have to bear,” PTI News quoted a senior police official.

The officer told the news agency that a circular had been issued last week.

He said, “These personnel’s absence from various social and family functions only serves to heighten the stress levels.”

The circular stated, “It is directed that all the police personnel working at police stations may be given leave/off on the days of their marriage anniversary and birthdays of their children. Only in exceptional circumstances the leave/off may be refused after approval of the concerned SDPO.”

The circular was first issued in Delhi Police’s outer district on Thursday before being sent to the remaining ones.

In 2014, the Maharashtra police too had announced similar measures allowing personnel deployed at police stations to avail leave for important family occasions including marriage anniversary and children’s birthdays.



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