No order to deny accommodation to guests from J&K: Delhi police to


Delhi Police has denied ever issuing any diktat to city hotels to not allow guests from Jammu and Kashmir.

Reacting to a report published by on how three city hotels on Saturday night had turned away a family from Jammu after their identity cards showed they hailed from the valley.

Joshi, the manager of Mahalaxmi hotel, had said that the police had instructed them not to allow accommodation to people from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Jammu and Kashmir.

Delhi police said, “This is absolutely wrong. There is no such direction. In public interest, please give name of hotel. DCP Central District Paramaditya has been briefed on this.”

Delhi police, which contacted’s editor-in-chief, Rifat Jawaid on twitter, also thanked us for bringing the issue to their attention.

After we reported this story, the issue became a subject of intense conversation on social media with users slamming the role of Delhi government for its lack of reaction even more than 24 hours after the matter was reported.

Other news outlets such as Times of India and Times Now too contacted us for help in covering the story.

The former head of Aam Aadmi Party’s social media team, Ankit Lal, on Sunday night blamed Delhi police as, according to him, the alleged diktat had come from the cops.

Promising an action by the city government, he also questioned for not formally contacting the members of Delhi government seeking their intervention.

Many AAP supporters were quick to describe Lal’s clarification as a ‘political talk’ accusing him to indulge in ‘blame game.’ While others felt that his comments smacked of ‘utter arrogance.’


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