Yogendra Yadav receives support from Arvind Kejriwal after family targeted by ‘Modi regime’


Hours after alleging that the Centre’s Narendra Modi government had targeted his sister through IT department, Swaraj India leader Yogendra Yadav received support from his former colleague and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.

Yogendra Yadav

Taking to Twitter, Kejriwal wrote that he condemned the ‘victimisation’ of Yadav’s family by ‘Modi government.’ He wrote, “We strongly condemn victimisation of Yog Yadav’s family by Modi govt thro the use of agencies like IT. Modi govt shud stop such vendetta politics. (sic)”

This was after Yadav on Wednesday accused the Narendra Modi government of targeting his family, allegedly in retaliation for his launching an agitation for Minimum Support Price (MSP) for farmers.

In a series of tweets, Yadav said that two hospitals run by his sisters’ family in Haryana’s Rewari were being raided by Income Tax officials on Wednesday.

He wrote, “Modi regime now targets my family. Two days after my nine-day padyatra in Rewari and launching of agitation for MSP and against liquor thekas, a massive IT raid is on at the hospital cum nursing home of my sisters in Rewari.”

His subsequent tweet read, “Info from Rewari: About 100+ force from Delhi raided hospitals at 11 am today All doctors (my sisters, brother in law, nephew) detained in their chambers Hospital sealed, including ICU for newly born babies A clear attempt to intimidate. Modiji you can’t silence me.”

Yadav tweeted in the evening saying that he had still not been able to estbalish contact with his sister. He wrote, “Latest from Rewari: No contact yet with my sisters. No one allowed to go in or come out of the two hospitals. IT search continues, likely to continue through tonight. Seems it’s taking them time to cook up something!”

The social media was soon flooded with messages of solidarity for Yadav. His party colleague and Supreme Court lawyer Prashant Bhushan said, “Govt now targets Yogendra Yadav, by getting IT dept to conduct a massive raid on his sister’s hospital/nursing home! Yadav has been spearheading & coordinating the farmers movement in the country which has shaken the govt. No limit to Modi govt’s vendetta!”

Haryana Congress leader Deepender S Hooda tweeted, “I condemn this act of vendetta politics on @_YogendraYadav ‘s family in Rewari by BJP goverment. @_YogendraYadav has always been in different political party to mine but no doubt I have always heard good things about his family in Rewari: this is uncalled for.”

Yadav also received support from journalists and known commentators including historian Ramachandra Guha.


  1. Yogender Yadav is a crooked person, he believes in caste politics. Kejriwal should maintain safe distance from such traitors.


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