“TV channels who call us tukde tukde gang themselves survive on crumbs thrown at them by BJP”


Former JNU student leader, Umar Khalid, on Monday faced an assassination attempt after a man armed with a pistol allegedly fired at him outside Constitution Club of India. The development assumed significance since the spot was less than a kilometre away from the Indian parliament.

Members of civil society were also stunned that a man could road freely holding a pistol in the heart of India’s national capital just two days before the Independence Day celebration, when the city is sanitised in view of security threats.

A day after he attack, Umar spoke to Janta Ka Reporter’s editor-in-chief, Rifat Jawaid. Among other things, Umar stated how certain TV anchors had contributed to spreading hatred against him through sustained campaign.

He said, “Not just Arnab Goswami (of Republic TV), Sudhir Chaudhary (of Zee News), Rohit Sardana (of Aaj Tak) and there many new comers on Times Now, who feel that they can become big anchors by spreading lies against Kanhaiya Kumar and Umar Khalid. Even the ruling party spokespersons have been saying that Umar Khalid should be shredded into pieces. This is a clear incitement to violence. They don’t believe in rule of law. The law and order has collapsed today.”

He went on to add, “TV channels have become propaganda channels these days. They are lecturing others on patriotism from inside the air-conditioned studios. If you love your country so much, then go to the people of the country. Go and report on what’s happening to the farmers of the nation. You will not leave the AC rooms, the turnover of your channels is in crores, you enjoy the protection of Z plus security and lecturing us on patriotism. You call us tukde tukde gang and your own channels run on the handouts of the BJP.”

Umar said that appearing on Times Now in the past was a mistake. He said, “These people don’t believe in saying sorry, but I have no qualms in apologising for my decision to appear (on Times Now.)”




  1. अच्छा हुआ कि गोड्से की गोलियाँ आपके सीने में उतर गई। नहीं तो अपनी जिन बातों के लिए आपने गोरों के समय में सिडिशन झेला है न, आज भी झेलते रहते। झेल ही रहे हैं, आपकी बताई राहों पर चलने वाले लोग। देशद्रोही, एंटी नेश्नल और न जाने कैसे कैसे तमगे मिले हैं उनको।

    ख़ैर बापू, उदास मत होना। आपकी बातें तो तब भी नहीं मानी गई थी। आज भी नहीं मानी गई हैं। आप तब भी प्रासंगिक थे, आज भी प्रासंगिक हैं। आपकी बातें कल भी शोषकों को अख़रती थी, आज भी शोषकों…सॉरी सरकारों को सुहाती नहीं


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