Seized SUV stolen from a Delhi police station


If you need to park your car safely, you will not be blamed to do so in the proximity of a police station believing this may keep your vehicle secured.

But not in Delhi, where an SUV was recently stolen from right under the nose of cops.

The SUV in question was recently seized by police during a raid on illegal liquor smugglers was stolen from outside the Ranhola police station in the national capital.

The SUV and a large quantity of illegal liquor was seized and an alleged liquor smuggler Amit was caught in a raid by Excise department and cops from Ranhola police station on 16 July, a police officer said on Monday.

The vehicle, which parked outside the police station in West Delhi, was stolen by someone while the cops were busy keeping the seized liquor in Malkhana of the police station, he said.

PTI reported that a case had been registered and efforts are being made to identify the vehicle lifter through CCTV footage, the officer added.


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