Rahul Gandhi uses Amul’s creative dig at Modi government to embarrass PM on Rafale scam


Brand Amul doesn’t need introduction as its dairy products have long dominated the food choice of Indian consumers. The brand is also synonymous to its creative take on the current affairs both in India and abroad.


Amul continued to post quirky ads as it frequently responded to the goings on in the just-concluded World Cup football.

It was not surprising when one of India’s most iconic dairy brand reacted with lightening speed last week after Congress President Rahul Gandhi hugged Prime Minister Narendra Modi and shared his famous wink while inside the parliament.

Left red-faced, the BJP protested and called it a breach of the parliamentary procedures. However, Amul was quick to announce that there was nothing embarrassing about hugging since its butter hugged bread ‘everyday.’ Amul’s caption had read, “Embracing ya embarrassing? Amul Hugs bread daily.”

Since the no confidence motion was defeated last week, the opposition parties, mainly the Congress, has been embarrassing Modi on the Rafale scam involving thousands of crores of rupees. The Rafale scam was first exposed by Janta Ka Reporter in its three-part special report series.

(You can read our extensive coverage on Rafale scame here.)

Not to be left far behind, Amul once again decided to join the conversation on the murky defence deal. It posted a cartoon with a headline, ‘Pass or Rafail? Eat at Jet speed.”

Rahul pounced on the creative take of Amul and used the ad to launch a fresh attack on Modi government. He wrote, “Since 2014, India has had 4 revolving Raksha Mantris. Now we know why. It gave the PM space to personally re-negotiate RAFALE with the French. India has had 4 “RAFALE Mantris”. But, none of them know what really transpired in France. Except the PM. But he won’t speak!”

Taking note of the exclusive expose by Janta Ka Reporter had askedlast year, Rahul , “Modi ji – nice touch removing the suit. What about the loot?”

In our EXCLUSIVE report, Janta Ka Reporter had asked if Prime Minister Narendra Modi had junked the UPA’s defence deal with the French company on 126 Rafale fighter jets with transfer of technology to India to help his friend Anil Ambani. His decision cost India thousands of crores of rupees and resulted in the loss of technology that could have secured the indigenous manufacturing of these fighter aircrafts in future.


  1. Glorifying people caught with their pants down is a typical example of lowest form of PR Journalism. Rahul Gandhi has no face left after being caught lying on almost everything since 2014. His latest lie was Humiliatingly Re-exposed by even France. These r matters of national security, all who r helping people like RahulGandhi make a joke of it are Equally culpable of harming national interest. Politics & journalism has touched new lows just to hit Modi. V revolting.


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