Punjab Police grills AAP MLA for nine hours, Naresh Yadav says he was ‘misbehaved’ by cops


Punjab police on Saturday grilled the AAP MLA, Naresh Yadav, for nine hours in the alleged Quran desecration case.

Yadav was questioned at the Crime Branch office in Sangrur district. The AAP MLA later complained of harassment by the cops alleging that he was “misbehaved” and denied even a glass of water.

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The Punjab police, according to Indian Express, indicated that the MLA may face arrest as he gave “contradictory replies.”

Quoting sources, the paper, reported that a questionnaire comprising nearly 100 questions was given to Yadav.

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Aam Aadmi Party chief Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday had slammed the ruling SAD-BJP combine for their alleged role in the Quran desecration controversy.

Kejriwal alleged that this was a sign that the SAD-BJP government was feeling “jittery” as AAP would sweep the 2017 Punjab assembly polls and have stooped to hatch a “conspiracy” to defame the party.

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