Probe into Najeeb disappearance case hits roadblock


Delhi Police’s investigation into the mysterious disappearance of JNU student Najeeb Ahmed has hit a roadblock as the administration of Jamia Millia Islamia, where he was reportedly last seen, is allegedly not cooperating in the probe.

Yesterday, the Crime Branch team had revealed that it has traced an auto driver who said he had dropped Najeeb at Jamia Millia Islamia.


However, sources privy to the probe said the Jamia administration hasn’t shared the CCTV footage.

“They aren’t cooperating with us. They haven’t yet shared the CCTV footage with us,” a source said.

Jamia authorities claimed that they have been cooperative in the probe.

“They have approached us and we are cooperating with police in every possible way,” Jamia spokesperson said.

Police had also said that Najeeb had hailed the auto himself and he wasn’t accompanied by anyone when he left the JNU campus thereby ruling out the theory that he was kidnapped.

Yesterday, Delhi Police Commissioner Alok Kumar Verma also approved the increase in the reward amount from Rs 2 lakh to Rs 5 lakh owing to the “sensitivity” of the matter.

Najeeb had gone missing on October 15 following an on-campus scuffle allegedly with ABVP members the night before.

Meanwhile, JNU Students Union President Mohit Pandey took to Twitter requesting an appointment with Vice Chancellor Jagadesh Kumar to seek a status report on Najeeb’s case.

“Since our VC is only active on Twitter, we are tweeting to seek an appointment with him,” he said.

JNUSU General Secretary Satarupa Chakraborty tweeted, “Dear VC @mamidala90, we are waiting for your reply as JNUSU seeks urgent appointment.”

JNU students and teachers have been leading a movement alleging inaction on administration and Delhi Police’s part in tracing the missing student.


  1. Y the administration keep on blaming every time to other minority societies. Don’t u have sufficient resource or technology. Asking for CCTV footage, have u verified with College campus CCTV footage till date. Relying on auto wallas. Have u questioned ABVP people where major possibility is that they might be behind this. POLICE administration U R BEST AT UR WORK. Plz work out something. We RELY ON U.

    • The cctv footage has led to discovery that the student went to jamia milia, so why are you cribbing. Strong suspicion is pointing towards congress, leftists, jnu students linked to communists and those funded by missionaries and foreign groups and certain evangelists linked organisations who may know what happened to the student because these groups have been manufacturing incidences since 2014 to topple the government


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