Delhi HC asks BJP MLA OP Sharma to show extent of judicial intervention in assembly proceedings


BJP MLA O P Sharma, who has been suspended from Delhi assembly for two sessions for allegedly making derogatory remarks against AAP legislator Alka Lamba, claimed on Tuesday in Delhi High Court that democratic functioning had been “stonewalled” in the assembly.

Sharma’s counsel told Justice Sanjeev Sachdeva that due to the majority enjoyed by the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), there was “bias and illegality” in the way he was suspended from the assembly and prescribed procedures were not followed.

“The facts smack of clear malafide of the respondent (Legislative Assembly),” his counsel said, adding, “I am showing the manner in which democratic functioning has been stonewalled in the Assembly”.

The counsel claimed that pertinent questions asked by the three BJP MLA’s were “sidelined” in the assembly.

The court however asked the counsel, “First you have to show what is the extent of judicial intervention in the proceedings of the Legislative Assembly?”

The counsel, who read out part of proceedings of the assembly, said she would refer to the facts of the matter first and then address this issue.

When his lawyer said that all members of Ethics Committee which dealt with this matter were members of AAP, the court asked, “does the rules prescribe that Ethics Committee should have at least a member of the opposition party?”

Responding to the query, the counsel said “No. The rules does not prescribe so, but propriety demands this so that there are no allegations of bias.”

During the arguments which would continue tomorrow, Delhi government’s counsel told the court that the assembly had instructed the government to defend them in the matter on their behalf.


  1. LOL. The lawyer for BJP demands propriety whereas they themselves have been sidelining propriety in all cases.

    If morality had a place in BJP then they would not have installed a proxy government via LG to control AAP Government in Delhi.


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