“Officially the first PM to have his remarks expunged for unparliamentary language”


Supporters of Prime Minister Narendra Modi both in his party and in media have often faced criticism for describing every movement of his as ‘first’ even when he’s not been the first Indian PM to be involved in those activities.


This week Modi faced considerable embarrassment on social media platforms as his detractors taunted saying that he had indeed become the first Indian prime minister to have his comments expunged from the records of the parliament. This was after Rajya Sabha Chairman M. Venkaiah Naidu ordered removing his remarks made on Congress leader BK Hariprasad in the upper House on Thursday.

Modi had made the remarks while congratulating NDA candidate Harivansh Narayan Singh for having been elected to the post of Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha by defeating opposition-supported candidate Hariprasad of the Congress party.

Speaking in Hindi, Modi had resorted to some word play on Hariprasad’s first name initials ‘BK.’ Such unparliamentary words are often used by vicious BJP trolls, many of whom followed by the prime minister on Twitter. But this was the first time a man holding the office of the prime minister was found to have cleverly used the word inside the parliament. It’s an established practice for the Chair to regularly expunges remarks/ words from the record that are found to be deemed ‘unparliamentary.’ However, it is very unusual when a Prime Minister’s remarks are expunged from the record.

Social media media users were quick to condemn the prime minister highlighting that even the Rajya Sabha chairman, who came from Modi’s own party, the BJP, felt that the latter had indulged in unparliamentary act.

Anand Sharma of the Congress tweeted, “Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi definitely has lowered the dignity of his office and attracted the first embarrassing distinction of a Prime Minister’s unparliamentary remarks being expunged by the chair.”

Former Gujarat IPS officer, Sajiv Bhatt tweeted, “Modi becomes the First Prime Minister in the whole wide world to have his comments in Parliament expunged! You can take the man out of the gutter, but you can’t take the gutter out of the man.”

Journalist Uma Shankar Singh wrote, “This is the worst example of anyone using an obscene language inside the parliament. Nothing can be more shameful that a prime minister being forced to have his comments expunged from the parliamentary record.”

Blogger Agnivo Niyogi agreed, when he tweeted, “Officially the first PM to have his remarks expunged for unparliamentary language. Showed his true class and upbringing there.”

This is not the first time Modi has been found to be lowering the dignity of his office. During the last year’s Gujarat elections, he had faced roasting for allegedly resorting to lies in order to polarise the polling process by falsely accusing the former PM Manmohan Singh of conspiring with Pakistan against India.






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