Sensational! Modi government’s minister involved in prostitution business, says Swati Maliwal


Delhi Commission for Women chief Swati Maliwal has made a sensational disclosure about an alleged involvement of a minister in Narendra Modi government in the rampant prostitution racket in Delhi’s GB Road area.

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Addressing a news conference, Maliwal said, “I’m trying to understand how a prostitution racket worth thousands of crores has been fully operational for years. The daily business of prostitution in GB Road is at least Rs 5 crore. I have got a very credible lead in my investigation that there’s a minister belonging to the central government and an important Delhi-based leader from the country’s important party, under whose patronage this prostitution has been running.”

Maliwal said that she was trying to find out the real people behind the illegal prostitution operational just three kms from the country’s parliament, when FIR was slapped against her.

” I was about to reach the conclusion of the probe and find the real culprit when fake FIRs were registered against me. Now, I’m receiving messages that the central government will have me arrested and removed from my post through the office of LG.”

Maliwal said that the prostitution was a dirty profession, where girls as young as 8-10 years old were being raped and sold.

She said that one girl was being forced o sleep with at least 30 people every night.

The Anti Corruption Branch had registered an FIR against DCW chief Swati Maliwal in connection with alleged irregularities in recruitment in the women’s panel.

“A case under sections 13(D) of Prevention of Corruption Act, 409 (criminal breach of trust) and 120B (punishment of criminal conspiracy) of the IPC has been registered against Maliwal,” said a senior ACB officer.

The ACB had taken up the probe on a complaint by former DCW chief Barkha Shukla Singh, who alleged that several AAP supporters were given plum posts in the women’s panel.

Singh, in her complaint, had listed the names of 85 people who, she claimed, got jobs “without requisite credentials”.


  1. Trying blatantly to break the AAP by false charges and misuse of authority, as Modi did through his 14 years’ tenure in Gujarat ,may seem yielding better returns as of now to the government but the same tactics backfired on Indira during emergency and all those who were persecuted by her became heros and reason for her humiliating defeat.

    • Reaching at own conclusion and comparisom is easy and your right. But beware, the leaders of AAP are no political leaders at all but are cheap street type of goons. I know few of them in vicinity personally and have seen their behaviours in area and know about their history since the time when there were no existance of AAP. AK in desperation to be CM have inducted all kind of cheap people who proved to be a good sycophants. Good people had already been kicked out of AAP for gear of they becoming threat to leadership of AK.

  2. This is a trademark politics of AAP JUST quote reliable sources and blame any one than run off like shila dixit case or else now every 1 understand there gutter polt.

  3. Madam what you say is shot back after complaint against you one may even child will under stand and doubt your truthfulness as it came after FIR against DCW chief.

  4. It’s a shocking news, but more baffling. A girl made to sleep with 30 persons, one night.
    It sounds more ridiculous, absurd, and even on wildest stretch of imagination it seems just not possible.
    However, wrong doer should never go unpunished, and politicians should not enjoy any immunity, whether it’s AAP or BJP.

    Allegations from AAP is that there leaders are being framed, at least in good number of cases there is substantial ground to charge them.

    In this instant case, alleged person should not enjoy any immunity whatsoever. However from handling and press briefing of the case, it is established madam malliwal does lack professional acumen to hold the chair, and will be suitable to join the gang of corrupt politicians.

    Even to frame a person, one needs certain common sense, leave apart establishing a charge against a centrsk minister.


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