Major shift in AAP’s strategy against Centre, Sisodia to be given more power as Kejriwal looks beyond Delhi


Amidst continuing tussle between the Delhi government and the Centre over administrative powers, the ruling party in the national capital has reportedly decided to resort to significant ‘course correction’ in its strategy.

As part of the new strategy, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal will no longer actively engage himself in the regular battles with the Centre. Instead, the AAP convener will now be expected to spend more time on expanding the party elsewhere in the country.

Delhi government

This appears to explain why Kejriwal authorised his deputy Manish Sisodia to attack the central government when his principal secretary Rajendra Kumar was recently arrested in the alleged Rs 50 crore scam.

It was Sisodia, who was holding media briefings and launching social media tirade against the Centre’s Modi government and not the AAP convener as has been the case in the past. Kejriwal was conspicuously absent from the media glare.

This came as a surprise to many, who had seen the Delhi chief minister go jugular against Prime Minister Narendra Modi last December with his sensational psychopath and coward jibes.

Kejriwal had launched a full-blown war of sorts against the central government in the wake of the CBI raids in his office in December last year. He had even gone on to drag the Union Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley, in the alleged corruption cases of Delhi District Cricket Association.

However, unlike in December, Kejriwal did not speak either on Kumar’s arrest or the mass transfers of his officers from the Delhi government by the Ministry of Home Affairs this time around.

In fact, on Thursday, when the Delhi government placed massive ad campaign in newspapers against the Centre’s decision to transfer dozens of its officers, Kejriwal’s photo was missing for the first time. Instead, the ad had Sisodia’s image plastered everywhere.

Party sources said that the confrontation in the past had forcibly confined Kejriwal to Delhi and the work on AAP’s expansion outside the national capital was severely undermined.

The party has already made its intention clear to fight elections in Punjab and Goa and intends to do the same in Gujarat when these states go for elections next year.

“Neta ji needs to be freed from the daily battles of Delhi politics for AAP to build its organisation in these states. The other advantage with Manish we have is that he appears to enjoy a good rapport with the rival parties, ” said the source.

However, AAP leaders deny Kejriwal will effectively abandon Delhi to project himself as Punjab’s chief ministerial candidate.

An AAP leader, wishing not to be identified, said, “Arvind has already visited Goa for three days and made few visits to Punjab. He will be in the BJP’s bastion Gujarat on 9 July build on the resentments against the Anandiben Patel’s government. Arvind has taken it upon himself to build the organisation outside Delhi particularly in the poll-bound states such as Punjab, Goa and Gujarat, where we have realistic chance of forming governments.”

Starting August, Kejriwal is likely to visit the three states more frequently with the responsibility to govern Delhi being given to Sisodia. He will, however, continue to be part of big policy decisions and lead the party and the government during assembly sessions.


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  1. This man is a poison for the country. Hopefully, people of other parts of India would realize it and won’t let the atmosphere of India be polluted with those Naxalite thoughts & communism, to stall the development process of country, which has just begun after cleansing of a poison (Nehru’s pseudo developmental capitalist’s policy mixed with poison of communism , which ultimatelty made leaders & their pet people richer through huge-huge corruptions) given by Congress in last 70 years.

    • Either you call Nehru a capitalist or a communist, not both. Why is AAP poison? Have the people suffered because AAP did something? Arvind is fighting Modi for the rights of the people not to get him or his family rich or to wear suits that cost a couple of lakhs each.

    • Did you get your answer in delhi polls 67/70 ?

      BJP is nervous about the rise of AAP and rightly so..the corrupt should always be worried about the truth….

      • Also I did get recent Delhi Mucipal Corporation election results as well as Delhi University student elections after hearing Bhajans (concerts) of honesty

    • Get yourself treated with psychatrist. Bhakts desperately needs as defending psychopath, fake degree holder’s photo shopped development model of gujarat is falling thick and fast. Major drubbing awaited in 2017.

    • Really? You are fed to much BJP Bhagati….trim down on that and you will be ok….Kajriwal thoughts and acts are more democratic then Congress and BJP…only come back bhagats have is to call them Naxalites….Delhi has become countrys first city of ease of doing business….best schools are being built…already mahalla clinics becoming famous world over….hey bhagat give your head a shake…

    • Right now what ever state the nation is in its because of bjp and Congress, N you know what you can’t even contradict me because no one else ruled lol.

  2. Even if Bjp shouts through the roof saying that development has just begun, this and that,there is not many to believe that, as they don’t see even an iota of change in the standard common man’s life . The only thing that will make common man to believe is only after seeing the cost of living coming down.Unless BJP shows that happen in reality, no one will believe what Bjp says about development.

  3. Rightly said my friend Manish. Rather than praising the good that Modi lead BJP government is doing, he is helping congress by doing all these gimmicks.

  4. If there is someone who can take upon modi.its AK. Modi don’t have the capability to run the country. He can just throw jumlas.he just busy in providing benefits to his crony capitalist friends who funded is election campaign..he is just a air baloon who will blow up in the next elections.he is and will always be a mass murderer.

  5. Surprised to see a ‘Bhakt’ Manish visiting and posting reply on JKR .. ? seems they too need to read ‘real’ news… ?

    AK is the only politician currently who has taken it on himself to stop the poison of communal/propaganda politics. It may take Bhakts more visits to JKR to cleanse their minds and think sane… all the best… ?

  6. I am glad AK and AAP took this strategy change. Center has trasffered numerous high level officers without even informing the state, MHA has rejected/delayed numerous bills of Delhi gov, LG made numerous decisions of Delhi Gov as null and void, CBI has done numerous raids and harassment, ACB/DP has done numerous arrest of AAP MLAs. Deliberately it is done to show AAP in bad light and as a non performing gov apart from harassment by misusing by agencies. It is now very important that AAP expands beyond Delhi and form gov and govern few full states to show their capability, efficiency. Ppl of Punjab have already decided to vote AAP and ppl of GOA/Guj have tried both BJP and Congi earlier with disappointments. So time has come to try AAP and give them a credible and legitimate chance to show their true potential. I am happy now AK has started ignoring Modi and focusing beyond.

  7. Hey manish arvind ji is a boon for india working for poor people and in delhi trying his best and delivering the promises he is a great politician as well as human being. Another hand in center we have feku jumlaman ambani adani dalla who is just giving benefits to his rich gods and working as puppet for them shame of him. We are lucky that despite of all the hurdles arvind and aap is working sincerly for welfare of delhi people no jumlebaji no riots no gundai only goodwill for indians is this partys mission. Jay hind

  8. Modi is helping black money come back to india via fdi.
    AK is what the nation needs.
    The whole of India is waiting for AAP to become national.

    The way Modi is targetting AAP and AK , the nation is watching.

    Modi will pay for it next elections.

    While Goa, Gujarat and PUnjab are a foregone conclustion in favour of aap.

  9. Modi is working unconstitutionally against AAP Govt in Delhi.
    He will learn a harsh lesson from Punjab, Goa & Gujarat.
    Arvind will not restrict himself to Delhi any more.
    AAP will be National Party by the end of 2017 with four states Delhi, Punjab, Goa & Gujarat.
    Modi is shaken by the thought itself….thus panic actions in Delhi.
    Modi is spoiling his own image from great Leader to worse than MMS.
    He is moving fast towards ditch. Only impartial actions can save BJP from from further damage.

  10. Well done pplwho r supporting honesty. Now wait for 2017 , punjab is going to end the tyrant and the miserous ever rule of nasha kaali dal and bjp. Bjp in punjab is gng to get decimated for no reasan of theirs. Let come the 2017 and see the revolution. More than 50 percent vote will be for aap

  11. It is clear from the responses from so called Modi bhakths that they are hollow and has no data in any field of activity to claim progress during the past 2 years. Generally some paid workers are posting responses which has no deletion to the points discussed. The genuine BJP followers may also be getting disillusioned with the government’s poor performance!


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