LG Jung ‘orders’ Manish Sisodia to return to Delhi immediately


Delhi’s Lieutenant Governor on Friday reportedly issued a verbal order to the city’s deputy chief minister, Manish Sisodia, to cut short his trip to Finland and return to the national capital immediately, reported Times Now.

This, according to the LG’s office, was in view of the impending health crisis in Delhi.

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More than 20 people have died due to the outbreak of Chikungunya so far.

However, the AAP sources said that Manish Sisodia had not received any communique from the LG’s office.

An AAP source told jantakareporter.com, “the protocol is to convey such communication via the ambassadors or high commissioners of the countries the leaders are visiting. In Manish’s case, the Indian envoy in Finland has not received such comminique.”

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Both Delgi government and LG Jung have been at loggerheads over the dispute related to differences over administrative powers. The High Court had recently declared Jung as the boss of Delhi.

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The Arvind Kejriwal government has challenged the decision in the Supreme Court.

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